THE PAXGAMES Management2015-02-11T09:41:09-05:00

paxgames managementTHE PAXGAMES Management refers to all the organizations and individuals involved in making THE PAXGAMES a reality. It involves operations, commercial controls, concept development, and implementation.

Leaders: THE PAXGAMES will rely on a Board of Governors to be led by visionary global leaders.
Founders: Organizations or individuals with specific responsibilities to make THE PAXGAMES a successdul reality.
Members: NGO Council Members who benefit from THE PAXGAMES reach into the micro-philanthropy world.
Planners: Premier commercial enterprises handling all apsect of planning THE PAXGAMES.
Sponsors: Premier commercial enterprises sponsoring THE PAXGAMES sports and music events.
Organizer: Lionshare Management LLC is the organizer of THE PAXGAMES. Both THE PAXGAMES Management and LSM Management are separate.