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THE PAXGAMES will be governed by a Board of Governors (BoG) chosen by a combination of the majority vote of its Council Members as well as the Founders of THE PAXGAMES represented by the activists, the enthusiasts  and the organizations who have participated to make THE PAXGAMES a success. The Council Members are the NGO’s that ultimately benefit financially from the success of THE PAXGAMES .

THE PAXGAMES will announce the first eleven Council Members (NGO’S) before the event takes place. Further down the road, more Council Members will be added to spread the benefits generated from THE PAXGAMES stream of revenues across many organizations. They will be selected based on a criteria of past work, funding requirements, and a global voting system using the Social Media and the Internet.

The first eleven members will represent the continents listed:

  • Africa (2 CM)
  • Americas (2 CM)
  • Asia (2 CM)
  • Australia (1 CM)
  • Europe (2 CM)


To qualify, an NGO must enhance Peace and peaceful co-existence by working to solve problems of those afflicted most by the scars of wars or conflicts by improving the general conditions of life, to include education, health, security, etc… NGO’s working on conflict resolution will also qualify.

The full qualification program will be announced by the Board of Governors.

THE PAXGAMES™ appreciates the work of these NGO’s