Peace belongs to all of us.

In an effort to facilitate the contribution of many to THE PAXGAMES, we wish that every volunteer, every organization, and every government who will assist in making THE PAXGAMES a success to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This effort opens the doors to many to join this noble cause, thus spreading credit to those who worked the hardest to achieve its success.

As such, those who initially assist THE PAXGAMES to grow will earn the title of “The Founders” to be bestowed upon them, with legal limitations, and announced as appropriately possible.

To be a founder of THE PAXGAMES is to earn your name in history. Forever and as long as humanity pursues peace as a goal.


THE PAXGAMES™  is relying on many organizations and people willing to provide their expertise and their time to help with this noble cause.

We will publish a preliminary list of these names weeks before the hosting of THE PAXGAMES. Furthermore, The Founders will be honored officially at the opening ceremony of THE PAXGAMES.