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The Cool Band ™ Competition

THE PAXGAMES Music will hold a Cool Band ™ competition with the winner to be selected for a top prize by a global TV audience.

Viewers and music fans from around the world, using Social Media, will be asked to select the candidates from different regions. During the competition, fans will be asked to vote for their favorite band using their cell or mobile phones.

Benefits to the NGO’s

During the Music competition to be aired in many countries around the world, THE PAXGAMES Music will ask its viewers to vote for their favorite music band using their cell phones and along the way donate a Dollar or a Euro or more to THE PAXGAMES ™.

Council Members of THE PAXGAMES (NGO’s) will be the direct and ultimate beneficiaries of funds donated by a global audience during the THE PAXGAMES Music Event.

Music Bands THE PAXGAMES admire for their contribution to Peace.

THE PAXGAMES Music is looking for visionaries and global leaders to make it a reality