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THE PAXGAMES Games – Agility vs. Experience

THE PAXGAMES Games (Also The Peace Games) organizers developed the concept of the Football event around the notion of how older and more experienced players fare in the presence of a younger and more agile generation of superb athletes.

If you ask the fans and the pros of the game who is the most likely to win when THE PAXGAMES is pegging Experience vs. Agility, many would side by the experienced players to win.

What do you think? There is only one way to find out. Come to Florence soon to witness a unique and exciting sporting concept.

THE PAXGAMES Games – Corporate Sponsorship

Because of its enduring and timeless mission, THE PAXGAMES has the potential of attracting long-term global enterprise sponsors able to contribute to the development of its concept to become a global brand entity.  THE PAXGAMES, by its very nature, promotes healthy and positive human attitudes, which lend to a positive image most global corporate brands aspire to accomplish.

THE PAXGAMES Games – Benefits to the NGO’s

During THE PAXGAMES Sport and Music Event, to be aired in many countries around the world, THE PAXGAMES will ask its viewers to vote for their favorite athlete using their cell phones. When voting, each fan will be able to donate a Dollar or a Euro or more to THE PAXGAMES.

Council Members of The Peace Games (NGO’s) will be the direct and ultimate beneficiaries of funds donated by a global audience.

Top 20 Football Players in the World

— Do you know who they are?

THE PAXGAMES Games is looking for visionaries and global leaders