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In the world of peace, the global business community is under-utilized, the charities and the NGO’s are under-appreciated, the governments are under constant duress to wage wars, and our children are under-educated and under-empowered to be the next generation of Ambassadors of peace.

And although the pursuit of Peace is one of humanity’s ultimate goals, celebrating its purpose and mission has not been foremost on our minds. THE PAXGAMES intend to coalesce the efforts devoted to peace by uniting its champions every two years to include world leaders, athletes, and entertainers who, collectively, would pursue the mission of THE PAXGAMES as expressed by the organizer.

THE PAXGAMES and its Mission has the potential to become a global vision with massive and positive impact around the world with the help of strong and committed leaders and commercial partners. When successful, THE PAXGAMES will yield great influence over our youths using the Social Media to sustain sharing of values and to stay connected with a new generation of skeptics and cynics vital to social order.

THE PAXGAMES Mission would be to address these shortcomings and:

  1. To energize, promote, and celebrate Peace as a duty and not a wish or a hope.
  2. To galvanize a mass global following under a unified event, a flag to raise, and a musical tune to spread.
  3. To educate our future generations and to instill all aspects of global peace as a civic responsibility.
  4. To mobilize and utilize the vast resources available to the global business communities in support of peace.
  5. To highlight the energies expanded by global NGO’s in support of peace, understanding, and conflict resolution.
  6. To unify and expand resources in conflict zones to contribute to peaceful resolutions.

THE PAXGAMES is looking for visionaries and global leaders