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THE PAXGAMES Overview is a global sporting and music event whose purpose is to celebrate Peace, to recognize the unsung heroes who work tirelessly for peace, and to appreciate all the NGO’s that support all the activities that lead to Peace.

THE PAXGAMES Overview is also about fund raising (Micro-Philanthropy) for our NGO Members and supporting their long-term goals by harvesting business and consumer intelligence, key components corporations rely upon to market more efficiently and to reach consumers.

THE PAXGAMES Overview – Perspective

According to the United Nations, there were 38 conflicts raging around the world this time last year with many more ready to erupt at any moment.

Although the pursuit of peace is one of humanity’s ultimate goals, celebrating its purpose has not been foremost on our minds.

THE PAXGAMES is a sporting and music event to be held in Florence, Italy and whose purpose is to empower the industry of Peace and to celebrate those who work for Peace tirelessly.

THE PAXGAMES Overview – Concept

THE PAXGAMES Overview / Concept relies on its competitive nature to appeal to the masses. It is far easier to ask someone to donate a $1 towards supporting Peace when voting for their favorite celebrity or athlete or the best music band than it is to ask him/her to support a cause without the incentives of competition or social engagement. Here are few elements of THE PAXGAMES Overview related to the concept:

  • Flag of Peace: The world boasts a flag of surrender but the world has yet to create a Flag of Peace recognized worldwide and adopted by nations. THE PAXGAMES intend to commission this honor to the Inaugural Host City and/or one country donor to create that Flag using local talents.
  • Micro-Philanthropy: One of the main goals of THE PAXGAMES is to benefit medium to small NGO organizations who work tirelessly for Peace. The Philanthropic industry is experiencing difficulties and THE PAXGAMES has the solution in the form of Micro-Philanthropy (Also called crowd funding). Micro-Philanthropy is asking many to give little instead of few to give much.
  • Deployment of Technology: With 4 Billion mobile phones around the globe, the technologies adopted by THE PAXGAMES are uniquely positioned to take advantage in how to communicate with the masses. When Haiti earthquake hit, the Red Cross was able to raise $800m in one week from cell phone users in the US alone. On a global scale, this will have a positive impact on all the NGO’s members of THE PAXGAMES ™ and their ability to raise funds by relying on THE PAXGAMES as an added medium.
  • Profitability through Interactive Marketing: Micro-Philanthropy will enable THE PAXGAMES to harness valuable data about new habits on philanthropy and on cell phone usage on a mass scale. This data will be valuable to big businesses like those we find in Google or Apple whose central strategies of reaching the customer, using either Google’s Android or Apple’s IPhone, are battles being waged at every level.
  • Trust Building Measures: Micro-Philanthropy will include the concept of matching funds by business sponsors. With great divide between values of consumers and those of large enterprises, this philanthropic match will help improve the image of big business.

THE PAXGAMES Overview - Program

  • The Inaugural PAXGAMES (Peace Games) will be launched under the patronage of the city of Florence, Italy.
  • A grand peace ceremony will precede THE PAXGAMES with the participation of the national leadership from every country willing to participate.
  • THE PAXGAMES will hold a dynamic world-class all-star Soccer game pegging legendary active players against up-and-coming young players.
  • THE PAXGAMES will hold a music competition event with a global audience to select a winner through cell phone or social media voting.
  • THE PAXGAMES event will last for 3 days during which the organizers will invite countries to celebrate peace at home, in schools, at universities, and even in the streets.
  • Proceeds from TV Rights, commercial sponsors, and licensing fees will be distributed among the NGO’s Members and charities sponsored by THE PAXGAMES
  • THE PAXGAMES intend to unite and unify Peace under one symbol and one flag, which will have a positive long-term impact on its revenues in support of its mission.
  • New technologies and global accessible platforms to reach the masses will enable THE PAXGAMES to reshape patronage and fund raising (micro-philanthropy), and to develop lasting structures with massive influence.

THE PAXGAMES Overview / Program will take advantage of its entertainment and competitive values to focus on charitable giving to celebrate and empower Peace.

Quote of the Month
“It is not enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” — Eleanor Roosevelt